Access to Financial Planning Tools


Every good financial planner I know uses a broad range of tools planning tools and platforms to aid in rendering high-quality financial advice to clients. In my financial planning practice, we used at least nine different software platforms — some integrated, some not — to develop a comprehensive analysis and plan. These included financial ratio analyzers, off-the-shelf and custom financial projection models, tax planning and charitable giving software, investment brokerage and trading platforms, asset due diligence and mean-variance-optimization-asset allocation analyzers, and more.

While the breadth of tools and their capabilities can be overwhelming, it’s helpful to start with even basic online calculators. Studies show that few people take advantage of this resource. For example, when I was at The American College,  our research on business owners revealed that fewer than one in six (15%) of business owners had used an online calculator to get a rough idea of how much they might need for retirement. [This, despite our respondent mean age of 52 and 79% citing concern about retirement planning!]

I believe in making good tools and resources — from the basic to more sophisticated more readily available and used. In that spirit, what this website, our blog and our coming new products to help you in building your financial readiness.  In the meantime, check out our 10 favorite calculators on this website.  (LINK TO CALCULATOR PAGE.)

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