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Our Credentials

Mary Quist-Newins, is the founder and leader of moneyweave®, a financial education and consulting company dedicated to improving the economic security of women. She is an accomplished author, speaker and financial services leader with a proven record of strong revenue and profitability results. Noted for creative entrepreneurialism and financial services research and content-development., Mary has served in the financial services industry for 30 years.


As a Certified Financial Planner®, she has worked with thousands of clients across the country. She has distinguished herself as a leader in pre-eminent corporations, academic institutions and as a business owner. Mary holds two master's degrees in business finance, along with three advanced financial planning designations enabling rigorous academic and technical expertise. , She is one of the nation’s leading experts of the financial needs of American women, having founded the only Center for Women in Financial Services at The American College and held the country’s only academic chair focused exclusively on the economic needs of American women.


Mary’s business acumen, education, market expertise and experience enable uniquely well-rounded, academically-based and actionable services that generate client acquisition results.

Our Ideal Clients

We concentrate our services on market-leading financial services companies and planning practitioners who want to dramatically improve their image and results with female clients. We know from firsthand experience exactly how to appeal to consumers, advisors and corporate leaders in messages that resonate in action. 

Mary has worked with or consulted for the following financial services leaders: American Express Financial Advisors, ING Advisors Network, Thrivent Financial, The American College of Financial Services, State Farm, MetLife, AFLAC, New York Life, Lincoln Financial, Northwestern Mutual, Box Financial and Cetera Advisor Networks. 


Our Services

Consulting for Market Leaders

We concentrate on companies and advisors that work across a complex set of clients, services and products. Our particular focus is on market-leading companies and advisor groups seeking to improve their effectiveness with well-qualified female consumers. While American women own nearly half of all privately held assets, financial services companies and advisors are often frustrated by the lack of traction they have with professional women. We can help. 

In partnership with you, our disciplined consulting process covers:

  1. Determining primary goals, priorities and measures of success,
  2. Identifying obstacles and opportunities at client and enterprise levels,
  3. Creating strategies that generate the highest return on investments,
  4. Developing compelling custom content that leads to action, 
  5. Following-through to implementation, evaluation and adjustment for maximum effect. 


We can also help with guiding proprietary market research that can set you apart and increase resonance with professional American women. Examples of Mary’s ground-breaking quantitative studies can be found in the links below.   on the following topics:

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Financial Seminars Tailored to Women

Paving the road to financial independence for women, Mary provides robust and proven financial planning education financial advisors and consumers. She specializes in creating seminars to professional women to deepen their understanding of finance and how to take strategic action. In addition, Mary can create seminars for financial advisors to help them gain greater insight and efficacies when working with female clients and prospects.  As context, below is a partial list of seminars Mary has developed that explore the often-overlooked financial planning needs and preferences of American women:


  • Women, Wealth, and Wholeness – A Guide to Comprehensive Financial Planning 
  • Women and Financial Position – Building a Strong Foundation 
  • Women and Protection Planning – Managing Personal Risks in a Complex World
  • Women and Investing with Purpose – How to Create a Winning Investing Strategy
  • Women and Retirement Planning – The Road to Financial Independence in Insurance 
  • Women Business Owners - The Unique Financial Needs, Attitudes, and Behaviors of Female Entrepreneurs


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Empowering Keynote Speeches

With the ability to transform abstract concepts into concrete ones, Mary is a recognized thought-leader in the financial industry. She motivates women to become intentional about their finances while highlighting how planning gives perspective and peace of mind during her speeches. She also educates advisors on why they should care about working with women and how to be more effective. Coupling her knowledge of the financial industry with her research on how women think about money, Mary knows how to reach female audiences and drive home the message that financial independence is power. 


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Educational Ghostwriting

Offering educational and action-oriented writing services, Mary provides a fresh perspective on financial planning to her readers. Her work has been featured in in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, The Daily Beast, Fox Business, ABC News, Consumer Reports, American Express Open Forum, Journal of Financial Planning, Financial Planning magazine, LIMRA Market News, and GAMA International Journal, her talent of innovative thinking combined with her ability to simplify complex concepts makes her a highly sought after author. Mary’s list of achievements grows longer with the addition of her authoring the textbook, Women and Money - Matters of Trust, Marketing Financial Services to Women, and Practice Management.


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