Financial literacy is a cornerstone of good financial decision making.

Over my career as a practicing financial planner, I loved working with clients to help them gain greater clarity and control over their money. It was a true joy to partner with hundreds of highly smart, accomplished, and talented individuals. However, I was often struck by the lack of basic financial literacy among even the most intelligent people.

As professor and researcher, I came across study after study confirming that most Americans – including the well-educated, affluent and financially successful — score poorly on financial questionnaires.

Lacking a good grasp on fundamental money concepts is a risk in its own right. Even more troublesome is that women tend to have lower scores than men, which further increases their financial risk.

I believe the heart of the problem is that financial knowledge has not been presented in ways that are easily understood or personally meaningful. We don’t teach financial basics in elementary, middle or high schools, as we should. Making things worse, we are besieged by often meaningless, overwhelming and sometimes downright damaging financial information.

As a result, I am passionate about helping the public better understand the financial issues that affect them, what their alternatives are and how to make smart money choices. With that in mind and for fun, take Money Smarts Quiz linked below. Test your money smarts, then review detailed answers to see how you measure up.

Ready? Here we go! Take quiz here.

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