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Having held the only endowed academic chair in the country dedicated to the study of women and money, Mary writes, speaks and teaches extensively about how sound financial planning increases economic security.

As a result of her research and first hand work with clients, financial advisors and academics, she came to better understand the often striking and important differences between men and women when it comes to finances.  For example and in general, women have greater financial risks than men due to longer life expectancy, disproportionately lower lifetime earnings, time off and expenses of caregiving and higher rates of disability.

In addition to higher incidence of certain financial risks, studies also show that women lag behind men in overall financial literacy and confidence.  This means women may need to know even more than men when it comes to their finances.


Women want a financial planner that takes their finances, family, and values into consideration. Through a diligent financial planning process,  Moneyweave™ weaves together the key areas of personal and business finance with the aim  of helping women identify their goals, align their values, build wealth, and manage risks.

Select writings and useful resources for women:


Women and Disability Quiz

The Realities of Women and Disability

It’s Financial Literacy Month! Test Your Money Smarts

Women's History Month: The Paradox of Women & Money

Books and Courses

Women and Money, Matters of Trust. Bryn Mawr, PA: The American College, First Edition 2010, Second Edition 2013.

Marketing Financial Services to Women, Bryn Mawr, PA: The American College, 2010.

Feature Articles

What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You: Top Five Facts about Disability, Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, August 2012.

On Advisors and Women, Wall Street Journal, WSJ Voices.Com, April 2012.

New Research: Women Business Owners, Wealth Channel Magazine, Spring 2012.

Women: The Changing Face of Financial Services, GAMA International Journal, May/June 2011.

Strengthening the Retirement Planning Bridge, Helping the Financial Services Industry Meet the Needs of Women Business Owners, with Jill McCullough, DMA, CFPÒ, LIMRA Market Facts Quarterly, Number 2, 2012.

Women and Retirement, Failing to Plan = Planning to Fail, Wealth Channel Magazine, Fall 2011.

Missing in Action, Why Are Only One in Four New Recruits to Financial Planning Firms Female? Financial Planning Magazine, December 2010.

An Abundance of Caution – Women and Investing, Financial Planning Magazine, August 2010.

Untapped Market – Women and Economic Power, Financial Planning Magazine, March 2010.

Double Jeopardy – Women and Long Term Care, Financial Planning Magazine, August 2009.

Research Reports

Women Business Owners and Retirement Planning, with Jill McCullough, DMA, CFPÒ, The American College, 2012.

Women and Disability Risks, with Lisa Schneider, The American College, 2012.

Peer Reviewed Journal Papers

Women and Disability Risks, with Matt Greenwald, PhD, Journal of Financial Planning, August 2012.

Do Commissions Level the Playing Field for Female Producers in the Financial Services Industry? with Karen Lahey, PhD, CFPÒ, Financial Services Review, Fall 2011.

Media Interviews and Quotes

Why Retirement Should Be a Top Priority for Female Business Owners, by Julie Bawden-Davis, American Express Open Forum, March 22, 2012.

Women at the Top Aren’t Cruel, They’ve Just Adapted to Their Environments, by Meredith Lapore, The Grindstone, March 22, 2012.

Women and the Leadership Gap, by Leslie Bennetts, Newsweek and The Daily Beast, March 5, 2012.

Harsh Retirement Is Seen Awaiting Many Boomer Women, by Warren Hirsch, National Underwriter, October 2009.

Some Great Websites

CatalystStudies women at work worldwide  

Dinkytown Full of great financial calculators

Institute for Women’s Policy Research Studies disparities like the lifetime earnings gap and impact of caregiving on financial security.

National Association of Women Business Owners Largest and oldest nationwide member organization dedicated to advancing the wealth creating capacity of women business owners.   

National Women’s Business Council Studies and advises the White House, Congress and SBA on the state of women-owned businesses

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Office of Women’s Business Ownership Helpful resource for those contemplating business ownership.

Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement Objective information about women and retirement planning gaps

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