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What We Do and How We Help

| February 04, 2017
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For many people, it’s hard to find the time, resources, and guidance to confidently build, manage, and protect their wealth. It can be even more difficult to know how to integrate personal values, family needs, and business finances into a well thought-out financial plan.

At Moneyweave®, we strive to do things differently than most firms. Through disciplined, holistic financial planning, we synergistically weave together the key areas of personal and business finance to help clients achieve goals, grow wealth, and manage risks.

What We Provide

As an independent firm and as fiduciaries, we offer a full menu of services that includes comprehensive wealth, retirement and protection planning.  But our greatest service of all is helping clients achieve greater financial confidence and well-being. We want our clients to feel in control and well informed knowing that every dimension of their financial life is covered and that they are on track to achieve their most important goals.

How do we instill client trust and confidence? Through our six-by-six approach where we seek to maximize synergies, manage risk, and reduce costs. In each step, we work with you to identify, analyze, and strategize financial goals and challenges, then implement and monitor a comprehensive financial plan. We address a wide scope of individual and business owner needs in order to develop a transparent plan designed to give you greater clarity, confidence and control.

Why Is a Fiduciary Important?

What is a fiduciary? A fiduciary is a firm or individual who must put their client’s interests first, ahead of their own. Acting as a fiduciary means full and fair disclosure of all relevant facts, disclosing potential or actual conflicts of interest, fulfilling duties utmost loyalty and good faith, providing recommendations that are suitable and exercising reasonable care to avoid misleading clients.

Many financial advisors are not required to provide services to their clients as fiduciaries. Instead, they offer products or services under the  “suitability standard of care.”  This generally requires only the advisor’s reasonable belief that any recommendation is suitable for the client. These recommendations can be biased towards financial products with high incentives and commissions.  According to a 2015 report from the White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA), biased advice costs middle-class families in America an average of $17 billion per year.

At Moneyweave LLC, we are, and have always been, committed to providing you with the best advice we can give without conflicts of interest. We only recommend solutions that we believe align with a client’s individual goals and serve their best interests. As a result, we believe our business model offers greater transparency so you always know what you are paying. We take pride in our efforts to provide full disclosure, transparency and objectivity.

Who We Serve

We specialize in serving individuals, business owners, and professional women with complex financial needs. Most of our clients are affluent and have worked hard to build their wealth. They seek creative solutions that tie together their finances, family, and the values that are important to them. Our clients turn to us to provide personalized strategies that weave together the six areas of comprehensive planning, which include: financial position, protection planning, investments, retirement planning, taxes, and estate planning.

Why Clients Choose Us

While most financial advisors focus on selling products and cookie-cutter approaches, we unify our clients’ financial lives in a cohesive plan that we proactively monitor and adjust on an ongoing basis. As a result, we build a strong and continuous working relationship with our clients throughout the planning process. We believe clients appreciate this high-touch, disciplined, and personalized approach.

Our team is comprised of highly skilled professionals who share a deep conviction to putting client needs first. Along with advanced financial planning credentials, we have decades of experience working with clients through good markets and bad. Due to our experience, we can skillfully address complex needs across a broad range of financial goals, needs, and challenges.

The Benefit of Working with Us

Our strategies and advice are jargon-free, straightforward, free from hype, and based on solid research and decades of experience. By providing personalized strategies, ongoing education, and strategic advice, we help clients make informed decisions. We hope to inspire client trust and confidence knowing that our insights and recommendations are based on a deep understanding of what they seek to achieve.

As an independent firm with a fiduciary focus, clients can know that their best interests are our best interests. We aren’t incentivized to promote or sell any specific products. We use sophisticated financial planning tools and have access to thousands of investment options so we can construct a plan that aligns with your risk tolerance, time horizon, circumstances, and needs.

Taking Action

Are you looking for an innovative and proven approach to integrate your values, family, and goals into your financial strategies? We enjoy meeting with business owners, professionals, and families to learn about their goals and see how we may be able to help. The first step is contacting us today. Give us a call at (612) 436-3749 or email  

About Mary

Mary Quist-Newins, MBA, MSFS, Certified Financial Planner® is the President and Founder of Moneyweave LLC, a comprehensive financial planning practice specializing in helping clients integrate personal and business finances. With nearly three decades of experience, she is nationally recognized for groundbreaking efforts in financial services research, awareness generation and content-development. Beyond her work as an advisor, she is a sought-after academic, practitioner, and spokesperson for financial planning strategies. Mary also serves as President of the National Association of Women Business Owners for the state of Minnesota (NAWBO-MN). To learn more, visit or connect with her on LinkedIn. © Copyright 2017 Mary Quist-Newins.

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